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Box 40cm 3ply Bordeaux Napkin 1 x 1000

Box 40cm 3ply Bordeaux Napkin 1 x 1000

Product: 3plynap01


Description Specification

Bordeaux 16"Inch Napkin 3PLY

Napkins are often used in restaurants and other catering departments, for a great attraction and presentation. Having a napkin is also cost effective, soft and gives customers a great experience when having food.

There are many different colours to choose from for you to find the perfect napkins for your site. Having these will enable an addition to the table for a low cost and high quality presentation to give customers a satisfying welcome to the dining table. These are popular for dining suits and restaurants. Tissue napkins are soft and can be recycled after being used. The drop down menu will enable you to choose a colour and also size, giving you the extra choice you need.

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