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Sebo BS36 Comfort

Sebo BS36 Comfort

Product: sebobs36


Description Specification

The Sebo BS36 Comfort is a twin motored vacuum developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. The low weight and wide head makes it easy to clean wide areas quickly without fatigue. The Sebo BS36 Comfort is built to last using the best materials and design. Dependable and rugged machine the Sebo BS36 Comfort is ideal for heavy duty use. The machine also has an electronic pile sensor that allows manual adjustment of the brush height. A fully operational brush speed control prevents the motor from overloading. The vacuum also features a visible warning light that indicates a full bag or hose obstruction, and electronic cut off. The Sebo BS36 Comfort also comes complete with a micro filter with three stage filtration allowing it to be used in dust sensitive areas such as hospitals, hospices, schools and nursing homes.

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