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Victorian Hooded Top Litter Bin Complete With Liner

Victorian Hooded Top Litter Bin Complete With Liner

Product: bin009


Description Specification

Victorian style lockable litter bin complete with liner.

The build up of wrappers and other waste around buildings and entrances can not only ruin the appearance of the surrounding landscape but it can also harm a business' image in the eyes of visitors. So why not encourage staff and visitors to dispose of their waste properly? The solution can be easily achieved and economical.

The traditional appearance of the Victorian outdoor litter bin blends seamlessly into almost any setting, this robust litter bin is designed to stand the test of time and exposure to the elements. The smooth hooded design requires minimal maintenance, the surfaces can be wiped over to clean and the hooded top helps protect against the elements. For easy emptying the lockable body can be removed granting easy access to the liner within, each Victorian litter bin has a 75 litre capacity and is also supplied with a base.

Concrete ballasts and floor fixing plates can also be supplied at additional cost.

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