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Parozone Original Bleach 750ml



Parozone bleach is specially designed to remove the build up of limescale as well as killing 100% of toilet germs. Undiluted, it is suitable for cleaning toilets, sinks and drains and, diluted for cleaning work surfaces, chopping boards, floors, basins etc. Parazone bleach is available in Citrus/Lavender/Original

How to Use

Toilets, Sinks and Drains: Use undiluted. To disinfect, remove stains and alleviate malodours.

General Cleaning and Disinfecting: Dilute up to 1:125 parts water (4 capsful per 5ltr). Wipe surface and rinse with clean water.

Soaking Mops and Cloths: Dilute up to 1:250 parts water (2 capfuls per 5ltr). Soak for 30 minutes and rinse with clean water.

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