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E.A.R. Cabocord Foam Ear Plug

E.A.R. Cabocord Foam Ear Plug

Product: ppe011


Description Specification

E.A.R. Cabocord Foam Ear Plugs feature all of the benefits of the E.A.R. Classic Foam Ear Plugs, with the added addition of an easy-to-see blue vinyl cord. Made from soft energy absorbing polymer foam, which provides excellent hearing protection for all-day comfort. The plugs provide high levels of hearing protection, especially suitable in warm working conditions where perspiration can be a problem. E.A.R. Cabocord Foam Ear Plugs can be washed in warm water and used several times before being discarded. The closed cell structure of the ear plug allows it to gradually expand and fit the exact shape of the ear canal. Particularly suitable for use in food manufacturing and process industries.

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