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Slips and trips remain the single most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces. To help prevent slips and trip please read the following information.

Use the correct amount of the right cleaning product, allow detergents enough time to work on greasy floors.

Maintain cleaning equipment so it remains effective

Use a dry mop or squeegee on wet floors to reduce floor-drying time, but remember, while the floor is damp there is still a slip risk.

Even using a well-wrung mop will leave a thin film of water, sufficient enough to create a slip risk on a smooth floor.

Spot clean where possible. 

G and J Tissues Joke of the week
Why is their no tablets in the jungle?
Because parrots eat em all!!
Charity Bike Ride
G and J Tissues staff member John Sharratt will be taking part in this years Blackpool to
Manchester bike race in aid of Greater Manchesters Childrens Hospital.
Follow his training progress on our twitter page. 
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